We at Pause Coffee Roastery understand the need to support ethical and sustainable farming, because not only is it a reflection of our integrity as an artisan roastery, it also determines the tomorrow of our business and coffee lovers everywhere! 

Most coffee producing countries are poverty stricken and the farmers lack access to credit, resources and markets. They have no choice but to sell their produce to middlemen that often exploit them. This issue is being addressed with Direct Trade Coffee, which basically ensures that your coffee’s journey can be clearly mapped.  With sustainable supply chains and seeking to respond to the needs of people through the profitable commercial exchange of goods and nurturing relationships, the coffee industry can look forward to a healthy and positive future.

Pause Coffee Roastery is committed to only support green bean importers who make sure that the money flows back to the right people in the correct quantities, and value for all parties in the supply chain.

If you want more information about Direct Trade Coffee or Collaborative Supply Chain Models, please contact us at [email protected]