Pause Coffee is a small owner run business that was born out of passion to create perfectly crafted, memorable coffee. As a coffee enthusiast with a mechanical engineering background, our founder and owner, Wessel Kruger, identified a lack of freshly roasted coffee in the market. He took his own home roasting to the next level, and in 2016 Pause Coffee Roastery was established in the beautiful Garden Route, South Africa.

Coffee is more than just a beverage to us. It’s an art. No, a science. Wessel takes his coffee very seriously. By incorporating the methodical thinking behind his engineering and applying it to his coffee, the results are consistent and unadulterated.
Our roasting philosophy is to best present the natural aroma and the origin of the green bean without any impartation of unwanted or addition of unnatural flavours. Our coffee is made with measured precision, to ensure that we have the correct ratio of grounds to water in every cup, and we do this by using only the finest equipment and water treatment.
Our blends are meticulously crafted to delight the discerning epicurean. We also serve a superb speciality grade, non-chemical decaf, produced using the CO2 method. Our pride and joy is our limited edition, speciality grade single origins, painstakingly selected for their  unique and memorable inherent aromas.

All our beans are ethically sourced. We believe in quality over quantity, therefore we remain a micro-roastery with high ethical standards. You can know when you pause for a cup of Pause, you are helping to promote sustainability in the exploited coffee market.

Don’t just take our word for it! Experience the joy of drinking good coffee at our coffee bar at The Barn on Montagu in George, or visit our coffee outlet in Knysna’s Superspar. Or enjoy our coffee anywhere in South Africa by ordering online. You can also take advantage of our subscription service, so that you never run out of good coffee.

Some of our proudest moments were when our Hazel’s Harmony blend won silver in the Aurora International taste challenge competition in 2021 and when Wessel successfully qualified as an Arabica Q grader in 2019, an honour only achieved by 8 other South Africans before him at the time.


If you want to find out more about Wessel’s roasting technique, click here.

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