There are four trends we should see in the coffee industry if we want more good coffee around.

The Coffeenist Manifesto (1/4): Quality

(The First of Four Trends We Should See in the Coffee Industry in 2017 and Beyond) A while ago I was planning to write a piece on trends we currently see in the coffee industry and market. But as I did my research I wondered, “Are all these trends we are seeing a good thing?” Read more about The Coffeenist Manifesto (1/4): Quality[…]

Coffee being examined, will it make the speciality coffee cut?

What is so Special About Speciality Coffee?

Did you know that it is possible for a cup of black coffee with no milk and sugar to be subtly sweet with no bitterness at all? And did you know those bitter cups you have to remedy with milk and sugar might well have made poverty stricken coffee workers’ lives bitter too, due to Read more about What is so Special About Speciality Coffee?[…]