There are four trends we should see in the coffee industry if we want more good coffee around.

The Coffeenist Manifesto (1/4): Quality

(The First of Four Trends We Should See in the Coffee Industry in 2017 and Beyond) A while ago I was planning to write a piece on trends we currently see in the coffee industry and market. But as I did my research I wondered, “Are all these trends we are seeing a good thing?” Read more about The Coffeenist Manifesto (1/4): Quality[…]

Do you drink good coffee or does a coffee myth or two mess it up for you

5 Coffee Myths I Used to Believe

There is one thing worse than making a bad cup of coffee. Making a good cup of coffee badly: one spends extra time and money, yet ends up doing little more than ruining a perfectly good cup of water. You could rather have saved your time and money and bought the nastiest cheap ‘n quick Read more about 5 Coffee Myths I Used to Believe[…]