Colombian Castillo Natural


This coffee carries bountiful flavours, and we enjoy it as a flat white or black filter. Expect flavour notes of white wine, guava fruit rolls and subtle, yet sweet hints of sugar candy.


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This Castillo Natural is processed by a small coffee-growing farm called Finca La Julia.


One of the most important and sensitive steps to produce speciality coffees is the process. La Julia’s aim is to have a mass with a minimum average of 24-30 Brix grades. As a result, to have enough sugars to develop the fermentation really well. It starts by selecting and carefully handpicking in the field. Once the pickers arrive at their site with the ripest cherries from the lot, the floating process starts. In this step, the cherries are placed in a tank with water to take out the non-dense coffee cherries and coffee tree leaves that start floating.
After floating, the process continues by hand sorting beans in raised beds before the fermentation process. In hand sorting, the unripe/partial unripe and overripe cherries are separated.


Once the perfect cherries are obtained, the coffee cherries are placed in tanks for the Aerobic fermentation process with a minimum amount of cold freshwater (16-22°C) for 36-48 hours.
With this natural process, the fermented cherries are placed on raised beds for 3 days in order to drain. Once the coffee cherries are drained, it is placed in the mechanical drier for 36-48 hr (the drier is turn on for about 12 hr per day). After that, the coffees go to the sun-drying station with controlled airflow to monitor a temperature around 30-38° C. To sum up, the drying time takes between 20 to 25 days.
After the coffee is dried, it goes again into GrainPro bags for 30-60 days for stabilization purposes. The next step is milling, electronic and hand sorting for packaging. The aerobic process that La Julia is using allows them to emphasize the significant characteristics that you can find with the Castillo Natural.
The creamy body with the winy, cocoa, particularly sweet and fruity flavours, and the long aftertaste are all highlighted with this process.


Region: Trujillo, Valle del Cauca

SCA Score: 86

Altitude: 1450-1700 MASL

Producer: Niko Ocampo

Variety: Castillo

Estate: La Julia

Tasting notes: White wine, guava fruit rolls and subtle, yet sweet hints of sugar candy.

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Bag size

250g, 1kg


Beans, Espresso grind, Bialetti grind, Aeropress grind, Filter/pour Over, Plunger/French press


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