At Pause Coffee Roastery we believe in quality, not quantity. All our blends were individually crafted to appeal to different palates. We currently have 3 unique blends, available to wholesale and the public, as well as a filter blend and decaf, available to wholesale only.

Coffee is, in fact, a little like wine. Interesting aromas and flavours are naturally present in quality beans and tell a story about the bean’s journey, from the soil in which the coffee plant was grown, to the climate, altitude, processing, and finally the roasting technique and preparation method. This is what makes coffee so much more than a caffeine fix. Like craft beer, artisan bread and the Slow Food movement, coffee is becoming more of a culinary experience rather than a generic commodity.

Artisan roasting is about maximising each coffee's inherent character, sweetness, acidity and mouthfeel – which is in fact quite an art, as each coffee variety and batch can respond differently during the roast. It is not an automated process. The artisan coffee roaster is the new winemaker.

The taste guides below can be used to help you develop your coffee tasting palate and choose your personal favourite Pause blend! Please note that we use 100% Arabica beans, and will never, ever, add any flavoured oils!

Ben's blend taste guide

Ben’s Blend

Application – omni roast (good for espresso and filter)

Ben’s Blend is a Central American and African blend. It appeals to the traditional coffee drinker, and is strong and full bodied with chocolate and caramel notes. It was named after Benjamin Ezra, our Roast Master’s son.

Yadah’s Delight

Application – omni roast (good for espresso and filter)

Yadah’s Delight is an East African blend. It appeals to the discerning coffee drinker and is medium-bodied, with citrus, chocolate and floral notes. This blend especially shines as a cappuccino. It was named after Yadah, our Roast Master’s daughter.

Yadah's delight taste guide
Hazels harmony taste guide

Hazel’s Harmony

Application – espresso

Hazel’s Harmony is a Brazilian and Tanzanian blend. It appeals to the easy-going coffee drinker, who admires an incredibly smooth cup. It is medium bodied with smooth milk chocolate, hazelnut and stone fruit nuances. It was named after Hazel Grace, Yadah and Ben’s same-aged cousin.